Making a Decision Is an Important Life Skill

by Positive Hustle


Have you ever found yourself stuck between two options and you find it hard to choose the right one?

Decision-making, no doubt, is challenging, and it’s even more when you have poor determination skills and willpower. You should know why you prefer one option over another and why it is better, and whether it’s for your good or bad.

In this article, we will disclose the important decisions that we have to make in our lives and how we should make better decisions.

The Important Decisions in Our Life

1. Values

We make decisions that are based on values. Values are different for every person, as life teaches different lessons to the persons around us.

We define what matters most for us, whether it is our family, money, or our job. Sometimes we have to choose between the two things.

The choices you make define you. You meet different people in your life, and when you compare them, you realize that all people are not equally important to you.

Value also means status, what your financial status is, whether you are poor, middle class, rich or belong to a luxury family.

Depending on whether you are reading this information on an expensive phone or a cheap phone, your dress code, the glasses you are wearing, are representing your status and class in society.

Judging people based on their status is the worst choice, as I have met some of the greatest people who do not have enough money to buy, food but their character and kindness make them successful.

2. Friends

Friends and the people around you will define your future. If four of your friends are smokers, you are going to be the fifth one. There’s a popular quote about friends that you become the average of five persons around you.

You may don’t have the right to choose your family, your status, but you can change your life by hanging out with quality people.

A friend should be someone that can add value to your life whether supporting you in hard times, exchanging love and waves of laughter, growing to become a better person.

You should always make friends who are optimistic about life and that have a strong motive in their life. You don’t even realize when the habits of your friends become your habits. If you see a good habit or find that this person has a good personality, make him/her your friend because you will eventually become one.

3. Job and Career

Another important decision that we have to make in our life is our career. The career choice is one of the most critical choices, as many people do not know what they want from the life. They randomly follow other people

Career is sometimes hard work combined with passion. Most people are stuck at a job throughout their life, but some aspiring people switch their career choice and become entrepreneurs and run businesses.

Nothing is a bad choice, your satisfaction and happiness matter. In the end, if you love what you are doing, then don’t be too hard on yourself comparing your life to other people around you. You have only one competitor, and that is your old self.

How to Make Good Decisions in Your Life?

We all make decisions in our life, but we do not know whether it’s a good idea or not. We are always confused and in ambiguity, and sometimes we feel guilty after making a decision, when it turns out to be wrong.

There’s no doubt that whenever we are making a decision we express our own insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, etc.

To make better decisions in your life, follow the following tips to always come up with a good decision so that you do not have any regrets later.

Consider both sides of the story

To make a good decision in your life, always visualize the outcome of the decision, and think whether you will be satisfied with the decision after asking it or not.

If you do not have strong determination skills, you can’t figure it out on your own. You can consult with your elders or other family members or friends etc.

Trust your gut feelings

When you find yourself stuck between multiple options and can’t decide, go with your gut feelings. Analyze your inner feelings in a quiet place, and listen to what your heart is saying.

Researches have shown that gut feeling is most of the time found to be true.

Align your priorities and core values to make your decision

Your priorities and core values help you in making a better and good decision. Figure out the things which matter most to you, make a clear list of your core values, and make the decision that aligns with your core values.

Final Thoughts

Your willpower, grit, intuition, and better analysis skills help you in making a better decision.

Passion, perseverance, and strong self-determination skills make you a more decisive person. The better you analyze the situation and the more knowledge you have about the consequences of both sides, the better you will make decisions.

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