5 Daily Challenges to Improve Your Confidence (2021)

by Positive Hustle

Many of us suffer with some sort of confidence issue, or fear. Most of the time it won’t just be one issue, but several. You might be lacking the confidence within yourself when it comes to walking up and chatting to someone you find attractive, or have a fear of beginning a new career, meeting new colleagues and making a killer first impression.

Of course, there are so many ways you can improve your confidence or obliterate your fears, but the one thing that’s most effective in doing so, is to stop over-thinking things and just do them. That’s why I decided to write out a few daily challenges, that will definitely improve your confidence.

They’re incredibly simple, and just require a little courage, so get started! Do these everyday and gradually other things will start to become easier to you than they normally would have before.


5 Daily Challenges to Improve Your Confidence

Low confidence is something that I struggled with for most of my life, and it affected so many of my decisions. I felt like I couldn’t be myself simply because I was too afraid to do the things I wanted to.

Life is a lot simpler when you act sometimes without thinking. If you embarrass yourself, you feel stupid for the next few minutes, but the next time you do it you don’t feel as bad.

That’s why these challenges are purely things you just need to do without over-thinking anything. Just go for it. Here are 5 daily challenges to improve your confidence.


1) Make eye contact with at least 10 people and don’t look away until they do

Most people find the idea of prolonged eye contact uncomfortable. That makes sense really. It’s not exactly natural to stare into another persons eyes for ages, unless you’re in love with each other of course. But for someone you hardly know, it’s probably a little creepy.

Although, you forget one thing. If you’re making eye contact with someone it means they’re happily staring back, so there’s no individual party at fault.

The question is, who will get uncomfortable with it first? Most people who don’t like to give eye contact for more than a second or two, may well have low confidence. Although it could be for other reasons of course.

Make eye contact with at least 10 people a day and don’t look away until they do. You’re self confidence will definitely improve. Try not to think to much about what they’re thinking, just do it.


2) Strike up a conversation with 5 strangers

Unless the person you happen to speak to is an absolute nutter, I can’t see how making conversation with someone can do anything but benefit you. It will improve your confidence levels by actually chatting to someone who your normally wouldn’t, and besides…

How else do you get to meet new people, make new friends and become social?

It shouldn’t be somewhere that’s organised, like a meeting, club and so on. It should be someone that’s not designed for you to specifically meet new people. Somewhere like the supermarket, the street, shops, the gym and so on. What could you possibly have to lose?

Talk to at least 5 random people a day, and I guarantee it’ll improve your confidence. You probably won’t ever see these people again, so potentially being rejected or embarrassing yourself in front of them really isn’t a worry you should have.


3) Do one thing you have never done before

You can guarantee that by doing this, everyday will be unique. Living too many days the same is a waste, and doing one thing that you’ve never ever done before would be considered as using your time wisely, depending on what it is!

I will say this though; if it’s something that you won’t look back on and say “I remember the first time I…”, then think of something better!

Be creative, don’t just use this challenge as an excuse to do something incredibly simple like watch a new film, or play a new game. Go crazy, I dare you.


4) Ask for an unusual favor from someone

It has to be an unusual favor simply because you have no idea what the response from the other person will be. It could go either way and having that risk is what makes it a challenge to people looking to improve self confidence.

And by “unusual”, I don’t mean something that will get you a smack in the face, just something that someone wouldn’t expect to ever hear from you. Give it a try. You’ll probably feel ridiculous asking them at first, but after doing it a few times you’ll be an expert in not caring which way the conversation goes.


5) Do Something Embarrassing

Sometimes I think we do way too much to prevent embarrassing ourselves in public. We all want to look good, and come across perfectly to everyone else. But most of the people we do this for either don’t care or won’t ever see you again. It’s the minority that we do it for, as well as supposedly becoming comfortable with our appearances.

But this has a slightly revers effect, because when we do so much do appear perfectly to people who will likely play no important part in our lives, all it’s doing is covering up the fact that we’re uncomfortable with who we are without all of that stuff.

Don’t you think we should first learn to become comfortable with ourselves before we add all that extra stuff on?

The point is, do something everyday that you’d be embarrassed by. You’ll soon get used to it and embarrassment won’t bother you as much anymore. You’ll become happier with who you are and learn to accept that fact, as well as care less about what others think.


To Recap

Starting today not tomorrow, unless it’s late at night of course, practice the following challenges and eventually you’ll become so used to doing these things that it’ll improve your confidence to go even further.

  1. Make eye contact with at least 10 people and don’t look away until they do
  2. Strike up a conversation with 5 strangers
  3. Do one thing you have never done before
  4. Ask for an unusual favor from someone
  5. Do something embarrassing


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What are you doing to improve your confidence?

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