10 Questions to Ask Yourself as an Aspiring Millionaire

by Positive Hustle

Most accomplished individuals and millionaires often find the best way to navigate to success is by questioning the status quo.

This isn’t just about asking numerous, random questions or simply being contradictory. This will only waste time and energy, which are valuable assets that could be better served elsewhere in your business and life.

Instead, remember the key to success is knowing the right questions to ask. These are instrumental in developing positive daily habits that reinforce your goals and objectives.


10 Questions to Ask Yourself As An Aspiring Millionaire

Formulate the questions so you can revisit them periodically as you grow and change. Reviewing and regrouping will help you develop a positive habit of self-evaluation – a key characteristic for growth, development and advancement.

Here is a list of 10 questions you can use as a daily, weekly or monthly checklist:


1) Why Do I Want to Be a Millionaire?

This may seem like a silly question, but wanting to be a millionaire and really understanding the why of it are extremely different. In order to achieve something, you must really understand the reason you want to achieve it.

Wanting to be a millionaire just to have a lot of money probably won’t provide you with the necessary drive to achieve it. Sorry.

Instead, really work through the why behind your goals:

  • Do you want to be a millionaire for financial stability?
  • To travel more?
  • To have more freedom?
  • To give back to society?

Simon Sinek gives a great TED talk about the importance of a well-defined why in successful business, and the difference it makes. It may help you sort out your own.


2) Will I Be Given Room to Grow on This Path?

Now that you’ve figured out exactly why you are working toward millionaire status, it’s important to recognize whether or not the path you’ve chosen leaves room for self-growth.

A path that is too rigid keeps an individual in their comfort zone. If you aren’t free to grow, you aren’t learning and discovering new ways to move forward, and risk stagnating yourself and your goals.


3) Will This Contribute Value to My Own Life and the Lives of Others?

Having a successful business isn’t just about numbers.

It’s also about having a mission and objective that feeds you and your employees both professionally and emotionally, believe it or not. A thorough understanding of your why will help you address this as well, adding value to your brand and those associated with it.


4) Have I Made a Strategic Game Plan to Achieve These Objectives?

You’ve figured out why you want to become a millionaire, and how that will add value to you and those around you.

Now, you need to have a clear plan and strategy on how to achieve this. There are lots of examples out there if you’re looking for help on how to start developing your own business strategy.

Revisit this question often to make sure you and your employees remain on task to achieve your long-term objectives, and reorganize where necessary.


5) If I Were Getting What I Want Tomorrow, Would I Act Any Differently Today?

This question is designed to help put things in perspective as you evaluate your day-to-day actions and habits.

Are they contributing or hindering your end goal?

Keith Springer, author of “Facing Goliath,” discusses the importance of this kind of thinking and its instrumental role in achieving what you’ve set out to do.


6) Are Fears Holding Me Back?

One of the biggest obstacles in your personal success may not be a tangible thing. Successful people take risks. That is a fact. Don’t let fear keep you from embarking on your quest for success. Identify what scares you, and face it.


7) Am I Surrounding Myself With People That Will Help Achieve My Goals, or Those That Discourage?

If you look at the most successful companies out there – Google, Facebook, Apple, Virgin, etc. – the CEOs built strong core teams and company cultures. They surround themselves with people that share their vision and encourage each other. It provides the most fertile environment for productivity and growth.


8) What Habits Do I Have That Might be Slowing My Progress?

You know importance of adopting positive habits, but it is also important to evaluate what destructive habits might be hindering your progress as well. Successful people know there is always room for improvement.


9) Do I Actually Believe I Can Accomplish These Goals?

Saying and doing are two different things.

You need to really believe in what you are doing, and have self-assurance you can and will accomplish it. Belief in yourself, and your vision will provide you with driving passion and strength to see you through the difficult moments you will be sure to face along the way.

It will also be contagious and inspiring to those around you.


10) How Can I Maximize My Own Contribution?

Mastering the art of multitasking is crucial in the development of successful entrepreneurs.

Become a constant student of how to provide services to all people in your life – colleagues, clients, friends, family, etc. It will allow you to better love everyone, including yourself, without overextending and burning out.


Remember to keep your goals in front of you on the wall, in your phone or even on a post-it. Periodically revisit these questions each day, week or month to evaluate what has and has not been the most effective in achieving what you want.

You’ll be able to constantly reinforce your why and be able to reorganize where necessary, constantly moving toward your end goal and millionaire status.

Are you an aspiring millionaire? How many of these questions have you asked yourself?

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